Cast and Re-cast Rotatable Targets Manufactured in Europe

March 19, 2013 – SOLERAS Advanced Coatings is proud to announce the recent installation of a rotary target casting system in the Deinze, Belgium facility. The installation has been validated and authorized for the industrial production of cast and re-cast rotatable targets up to four meters in length. All standard metallic targets, such as those composed of ZnAl, Sn and ZnSn, are now available directly from Belgium.

This state-of-the art casting technology was developed in house and serves to highlight the company’s broad spectrum of manufacturing capabilities and its standing as a top coating supplier. By producing and distributing these targets locally, the company can better serve its European customers with shorter lead times, faster inquiry response and greater accessibility.

An advantage of cast targets over other technologies is their higher density, which translates into shorter pump-down times and lower gas content for the end user. Another benefit is longer life resulting in less production downtime and greater cost efficiency, especially for cast targets with larger ODs (outside diameters). If you are interested in learning more about cast and re-cast rotatable targets, please contact us.

Soleras Advanced Coatings is a leading global provider of advanced materials and solutions used in the deposition of thin film coatings. Soleras’ products are used in a wide variety of applications, including high performance architectural glass, flat panel and touchscreen display, electrochromic glass and solar PV panels.

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