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Soleras Advanced Coatings offers innovative and reliable equipment and material solutions for multiple industries, including energy efficient low-E glass; electrochromic and smart glass; advanced touch screen display; thin film photovoltaic panel; optical, web and tribological coating; and thin film battery.
Our company was founded in 2012 through the merger of Bekaert Advanced Coatings and Soleras Ltd. Held by the European-Asian private equity firm AGIC Capital, the company is uniquely positioned as a market leader in R&D, design, service and sales throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia.

Ivan Van de Putte

Mr. Van de Putte has been President and CEO of Soleras Advanced Coatings since 2023. He also serves as Business Director for Sputter Equipment

Anders Svensson

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Mr. Svensson is currently CFO of Soleras Advanced Coatings. Prior to joining the company in 2012, Mr. Svensson was Chief Operating

Wilmert De Bosscher

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Dr. De Bosscher has been CTO of Soleras Advanced Coatings since 2012 and is responsible for technological innovations and IP portfolio management.

Ivan Van de Putte

Business Director, Sputter Equipment
Mr. Van de Putte has served as the Business Director for Sputter Equipment at Soleras Advanced Coatings since 2012.

Tony Han

General Manager, Greater China

Mr. Han manages Soleras’ operations in China and Taiwan, including daily operations of the facility in Jiangyin, Jiangsu province.

Jai Subramanian

Global Business Director, Sputter Targets
Dr. Subramanian has been the Global Business Director for Sputter Targets at Soleras Advanced Coatings since Feb 2017.

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