Adjustable Magnet Bar

Adjustable Magnet Bar (AMB V4)

  • Ease of manual adjustment
  • Localized, absolute and precise adjustment (0.1mm)
  • One-to-one transferable positioning between AMB and OAMB, reducing new coater commissioning time
  • Increased target utilization (>90% achievable)
  • Mechanically stable construction
  • Uniform deposition profile
  • High reproducibility over the lifetime of a target
  • Even water cooling over the length of the magnet bar ensuring predictable magnetic field strength
  • Customizable for most magnetrons
  • Wide range of magnet array options (standard, high field, wide angle, needle and custom)

Magnetic Architecture

  • Central adjusting mechanism
  • Up to 24┬áregulation points depending on total length
  • Regulation range of 10 mm on each regulation point

Mechanical Construction

  • Length of to 152″ (or 3,860 mm)
  • Rigid, stable and precise support structure
  • Hermetically sealed magnet housing
  • Superior water flow design, leading to better target cooling and uniform deposition
  • An optimized design for both horizontal and vertical applications



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