Axial Magnetron

Axial Magnetron

  • Ideal for web coating applications
  • Used in┬ámid-to-high-power applications in new or existing coaters (for high currents of 350A AC/DC)
  • Customizable for most applications
  • Can be configured for use with on-line adjustable magnet bar technology
  • Enables magnet bar rotation
  • Horizontal, vertical or tilted use
  • DC, pulsed DC and MF switching at medium power levels
  • Can be combined with several components (e.g. magnet bar, elongation parts, sputter electronics, gas distribution and control systems) to obtain accurate process control
  • All magnetron functionality on atmospheric side
  • Use of maximum length target possible, because standard housing is mounted outside the vacuum chamber
  • Loose or supported counter center
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Rapid target exchange
  • Proven reliability


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