Customized Arrays

Customized Arrays

Standard Magnet Array

  • Most versatile magnet bar
  • Fit for use in the widest range of applications

HF Magnet Array

  • Based on the standard magnet bar, but features a higher magnetic field strength and slightly wider sputter angle
  • Ideal for sputtering thicker targets and when using magnetic or sensitive materials

Needle Magnet Array

  • Unique magnet architecture features a narrow sputter angle of 26◦
  • Ideal for use in narrow bay process chambers and to optimize reactive processes/ layer parameters

WA Magnet Array

  • Unique 44◦ wide angle magnet architecture
  • Ideal for use in static deposition and to decrease the heat load on the substrate

Hybrid Array

  • Existing magnet bars can be reconfigured for use in AMB V4: retain the existing magnet architecture while gaining the advantages of AMB V4 design


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