On-line Adjustable Magnet Bar

On-line Adjustable Magnet Bar (OAMB)

  • Enables adjustment of magnetic field during coater operation:
    • Compensate for drifting process without venting
    • Swiftly adjust for optimal deposition uniformity
    • Reduce development time of new product stacks
    • Decrease product line transition time, which optimizes production planning
    • Enhanced deposition uniformity on a 3-D substrate
  • Localized, absolute and precise adjustment (0.1 mm)
  • One-to-one transferrable positioning between OAMB and AMB, reducing new coater commissioning time
  • Increased target utilization (> 90% achievable)
  • Mechanically stable construction
  • Uniform deposition profile
  • High reproducibility over the lifetime of a target
  • Even water cooling over the length of the magnet bar ensuring predictable magnetic field strength
  • Customizable for most magnetrons
  • Wide range of magnet array options (standard, high field, wide angle, needle and custom)



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