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Soleras Advanced Coatings is a market and technology leader in both the equipment and consumable segments of the physical vapor deposition industry. With 20-plus years of experience in a broad array of applications, we understand the challenges faced by our customers and can provide effective solutions. Additionally, our global footprint enables us to supply targets, hardware and service anywhere in the world.

Investing strategically in R&D to stay ahead of market trends, we have cutting edge technology. We also have an extensive IP (industrial property) portfolio for both sputter equipment and targets.

Our integrated approach to sputtering systems ensures that every component contributes to peak performance. For example, we customize target composition for optimal utilization. We also provide targets with the appropriate finish to guarantee maximum reliability of equipment. Our customized geometry of targets combined with our revolutionary magnet bar technology produces an optimal deposition profile and better target utilization.

We have extensive experience upgrading and expanding coater lines and partnering with OEMs for full new coater integration of Soleras equipment and targets. Our combined experience with targets and hardware enables us to provide value creation models for our customers. We are more than a target or parts supplier; we are part of your team.



Glass Coating
Soleras is the world’s leading supplier of sputtering targets and equipment for the glass coating industry.

Soleras’ advanced products serve all areas of display production from thin film transistor (TFT) through touch panel and cover glass.

Soleras provides sputtering targets and equipment for the manufacture of thin film PV, crystalline silicon PV and solar thermal.

Optical Coating
Soleras offers a wide variety of rotatable and planar targets to satisfy the most advanced optical coating requirements.

Web Coating
Pioneers in the origin of this industry, our innovations in rotary magnetron and magnet bar design were instrumental in the advancement of large area glass coating, which we now apply to web coating.

Thin Film Battery
Thin film lithium batteries offer improved performance by having a higher average output voltage, lighter weights thus higher energy density, and longer cycling life than typical rechargeable batteries.

Triboligcal / Decorative Coating
Tribological coatings protect tooling and engine parts from wear and friction. Decorative coatings shield components from wear and corrosion and provide aesthetic value.


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