Soleras’ advanced products serve all areas of display production from thin film transistor (TFT) through touch panel and cover glass. Our sputtering equipment is specially designed for vertical or tilted sputter applications and is used in many different production areas. Soleras Advanced Coatings has years of experience in upgrading coaters from planar to rotatable technology. The advantages of rotatable cathodes include not only increased coater uptime because of the higher utilization rate of target material, higher target material inventory and ease of target replacement, but also maximized coater throughput from higher applicable sputter power leading to increased sputter rates.

We also have extensive experience expanding coater lines and partnering with OEMs for full new coater integration of Soleras equipment and targets.

Our high quality sputtering targets are produced for both custom coater designs and industry standard coaters like AKT® PiVot ™ and AKT® ARISTO™ tools.

Our targets and equipment facilitate process control and product consistency for the following applications:

  • TFT-LCD (thin film transistor-liquid crystal display)
  • Touch panel
  • Cover glass (anti-reflective, anti-smudge)
  • OLED (organic light-emitting display)
  • Head-up instrument display



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