Glass Coating

Glass Coating

Soleras is the world’s leading supplier of sputtering targets and equipment for the glass coating industry. Pioneers in the origin of this industry, our innovations in rotary magnetron and magnet bar design were instrumental in the advancement of large area glass coating. Today we offer a full array of sputter targets and equipment to support this industry in all regions of the world. With ISO-certified manufacturing plants in the U.S., Europe and China, we provide leading technology and quality with the lowest cost of ownership.

If you are looking to improve your coater or coating process, Soleras is the right partner for you. We offer customized cathode and magnetron solutions and complete coater upgrades, including all parts for AMAT® low-e coaters. For true next-generation process capability, Soleras achieved an industry first with our development of on-line adjustable magnetic field tuning during coater operation, allowing for unprecedented control of film uniformity and properties with maximum process throughput for all layers.

We continue to lead the industry with target manufacturing innovations, such as the recycling of spent targets by re-casting or re-spraying and the improvement of sputter performance through the introduction of titanium collars. Our proprietary production processes for target materials provide best-in-class, stable and reproducible products at the lowest cost of ownership.

We are uniquely positioned to optimize yield and uptime on existing and new coating lines.

Architectural Glass:

  • Low emissivity
  • Easy clean (hydrophobic and/or photocatalytic properties)
  • Electrochromic (adjustable light transmission)
  • Solar control glass

Automotive Glass:

  • Hydrophobic windscreen (eases formation and evacuation of droplets)
  • Solar control windscreen (prevents extreme temperatures and UV damage)
  • Anti-reflective (reduces glare)

Other Applications/Properties:

  • Deicing
  • Anti-fogging



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