Soleras provides sputtering targets and equipment for the manufacture of thin film PV, crystalline silicon PV and solar thermal.

Our extensive range of process technology for sputtering target manufacturing provides a wide portfolio of both planar and rotary targets to support the production of anti-reflective, solar reflective and absorption coatings, as well as TCO (transparent and conductive oxides) and back contact coatings.

From initial small-scale R&D target development through full-scale high-volume production, Soleras has a complete bandwidth of casting, spraying, bonding and powder metallurgical technology needed to develop the optimal solution for each requirement.

Our leadership in rotary magnetron and magnet bar technology facilitates the large-scale sputtering capability needed to maximize capacity and return on investment. Our advanced custom solutions provide for higher volume production capacity and accurate control of layer thickness, composition and morphology over the maximum surface area possible.

We also have extensive experience upgrading and expanding coater lines and partnering with OEMs for full new coater integration of Soleras equipment and targets. Our combined experience with targets and hardware enables us to provide value creation models for our customers.



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