Thin Film Battery

Thin Film Battery

Thin film lithium batteries offer improved performance by having a higher average output voltage, lighter weights thus higher energy density, and longer cycling life than typical rechargeable batteries.

Soleras is a pioneer in offering planar and rotatable lithium and lithium-based sputtering targets for thin film battery manufacturing. We were the first to successfully develop Li rotary targets and advance to next-generation industrialized products.

Our sputtering equipment is specially designed for horizontal or vertical sputter applications. Soleras Advanced Coatings has years of experience in upgrading coaters from planar to rotatable technology. The advantages of rotatable cathodes include not only increased coater uptime because of the higher utilization rate of target material and ease of target replacement, but also maximized coater throughput from higher applicable sputter power leading to increased sputter rates.

We also have extensive experience expanding coating tools and partnering with OEMs for full new coater integration of Soleras equipment and targets.


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