Web Coating

Web Coating

Pioneers in the origin of this industry, our innovations in rotary magnetron and magnet bar design were instrumental in the advancement of large area glass coating, which we now apply to web coating. Today we offer a full array of sputter targets and equipment to support this industry. If you are looking to improve your coater or coating process, Soleras is the right partner for you. We offer customized cathode and magnetron solutions and complete coater support. For true next-generation process capability, Soleras achieved an industry first with our development of on-line adjustable magnetic field tuning during coater operation, allowing for unprecedented control of film uniformity and maximum process throughput for all layers.

Our sputtering equipment is designed for horizontal or vertical sputter applications. Soleras Advanced Coatings has years of experience in upgrading coaters from planar to rotatable technology. The advantages of rotatable cathodes include not only increased coater uptime because of the higher utilization rate of target material and ease of target replacement, but also maximized coater throughput from higher applicable sputter power leading to increased sputter rates.

We also have extensive experience expanding coating tools and partnering with OEMs for full new coater integration of Soleras equipment and targets.


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