Sputtering Targets

Sputtering Targets
Soleras provides a broad portfolio of sputtering rotary and planar targets to support the following physical vapor deposition (PVD) markets: glass coating, display, thin film solar, optical coating, web coating, thin film battery and tribological/decorative coating. We apply various processing technologies to a wide array of materials with custom metallurgical characteristics. Our dedicated target development teams, in-house analytical expertise and sputter testing capabilities facilitate the development, adoption and launch of new material concepts to mass scale production. Soleras offers best time to market and cost of ownership for the introduction of new target materials in various PVD coating stack designs.

By Type

By Application

  • Large Area Glass Coating
  • Display
  • Solar (Photovoltaics)
  • Optical Coating (Medical / Precision)
  • Web Coating
  • Thin Film Battery
  • Tribological / Decorative Coating

Analytical Capabilities

Sputter Target Testing Capabilities


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