Large Area Glass Coating

Large Area Glass Coating

Low E Stacks

An industry leader providing a complete materials portfolio, Soleras offers unique benefits to customers, including re-casting opportunities for high-value material targets (e.g., In, Sn, Zn-Sn and their alloys) and backing tube collar solutions to reduce debris formation during sputtering.


Low E Stacks Rotary Planar
Ag X X
Al X X
Cr X X
InSn X X
Mo X X
Nb X X
NbOx X
NiCr X X
Si, SiZr-X X X
SiAl X X
Sn X X
Ti X X
TiOx, TiOx-X X X
W, W-X X X
Zn X X
Zn-Al X X
Zn-Sn X X
Zr X X
ZrOx X




Electrochromic Stacks

Soleras is recognized as the leading supplier for electrochromic glass coating applications. Our portfolio includes Li target solutions (rotary and planar form factors) and value-added services, such as sputtering, handling and disposal solutions for end users. Soleras also offers rotary targets made of W and its alloys that deliver the highest quality, density and compositional control.


Electrochromic Stacks Rotary Planar
Li X X
SiAl, Si X X
W, W-X X X

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