Soleras’ planar target portfolio includes a wide range of planar targets for large area deposition and other market applications:

Cast: Our portfolio includes Ag, In alloys, Li, Si, Zn alloys and other materials. Targets can be cast directly to a backing plate or bonded. Soleras also offers material-specific re-casting solutions.

HIP/Hot-pressed/Sintered: Soleras offers a range of targets made using powder-metallurgical and ceramic processing methods. These include, but are not limited to, Al2O3, AZO, Cr, ITO, Nb, SiO2, Ti and W and its alloys.

Rolled/Forged/Brazed: Soleras offers custom engineering and unique thermo-mechanical process solutions (e.g., grain-size control) for various materials, including Ag, Nb, NiCr, Ta and Zr.

Bonded: Soleras offers a broad portfolio of bonded targets in the planar form factor for large area deposition and other applications, providing targeted bonding solutions (e.g., custom solders and metallurgical bonding/brazing).




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