One of the leading global manufacturers of rotatable sputtering targets, Soleras offers an extensive portfolio of target materials using a broad range of process technologies.

Sprayed: Soleras offers industry-leading thermally sprayed rotary targets providing optimal process stability and performance. Our custom material development, quality standards and innovative spray technology (e.g., plasma, arc and cold spray) yield sprayed rotary targets with the highest state-of-the art density, purity and gas control. Soleras’ portfolio comprises some of the most widely used spray target materials, including the following: AZO, Cr, CuGa , ITO, Mo, NbOx, Si, SiAl, Sn, TiOx, W alloys, Zn and its alloys (ZnSn and ZnAl), ZnO, ZrOx and ZTO. Soleras also has regeneration capabilities for used sprayed targets.

Cast: Soleras’ cast rotary targets are known for high compositional and microstructural consistency and purity control, which contribute to high process yield and long target life. Soleras’ cast rotary portfolio includes In, InSn, Sn alloys, Zn alloys (ZnAl and ZnSn) and numerous other materials. Soleras is considered a pioneer in the production of Li rotary targets and can provide handling and process guidance to end users. Soleras offers material-specific recasting solutions (improved cost of ownership) and Ti collar-integration capabilities (improved utilization and debris generation).

Extruded: Soleras is an established supplier of high-purity extruded Al, Cu, Mo, Nb, Ni alloys (Cr and V), Ta, Ti, Zr, V and other materials. We provide application-specific custom solutions for extruded targets with respect to material characteristics, including purity and grain size.

HIP/Sintered: Soleras is a top-tier global supplier of HIPed rotary targets. Our portfolio includes Cr, NiFe and alloys of C, Mo and W. Soleras’ capabilities include direct HIPing to backing tubes for certain materials; the result is high-power usage without application of bonding solder. Soleras also provides sintered ceramic rotaries (AZO, ZnO and other materials) using in-house bonding technologies.

Bonded: Soleras offers bonding solutions for metallic and ceramic rotary targets using In and elastomer bonding for a wide portfolio of materials, including AZO, C, Cr, Mo, Si and other materials.



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